True or False
(A biker quiz by RAZ)

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, your medical insurance will always cover your expenses.
False- Federal law allows your insurance company to deny coverage if you are injured while participating in a ďdangerous activityĒ even if itís a legal activity.

You can build as many custom bikes as you want.
False- Beginning in 2006, you may build ONE custom bike that does not meet EPA emission standards. Thatís ONE bike in your lifetime. If itís stolen, wrecked, etc, It doesnít matter. Itís the last bike you can build.

The State of North Carolina wants to prevent a parent from deciding if their child is old enough to be a passenger on a bike.
True- HB 39 will prohibit any child under age 10 from being a passenger on a motorcycle. There is also a bill to prohibit any child under age 12 from driving an ATV.

South Carolina has no mandatory helmet use law, so there is no reason as a biker to be involved in legislative issues.
False- There are other issues in addition to helmet laws that affect you.

There are lots of people making sure that these kinds of laws arenít passed.
False!!! - Less than 1% of motorcyclists belong to and support Motorcycle Rights Organizations. Belonging to a MRO adds more voices to be heard by our senators and representatives, and membership dues help support the cause of motorcycle rights. Do you want the way you ride dictated to you by insurance companies, doctors, and non riding safety groups? They are loud and have lots of money. Guess who the politicians listen to? Check out these websites and join the cause. YOU can make a difference, but you need to act now! - for an explanation of the issues facing motorcyclists. - for (Federal) motorcycle rights issues in Washington - for issues facing North Carolina motorcyclists - for issues facing South Carolina motorcyclists.

RAZ is a motorcycle rights activist from North Carolina and can be reached at