Raleigh Rights Rally - Dec 18, 2004

The first annual Raleigh Rights Rally was held on Saturday, December 18th. Temperatures at the start of the run were just below freezing and this was a Polar Bear Run. The purpose of this rally was to raise awareness of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) and the work that the MRF does on behalf of all of America's motorcyclists. Riders from the Greater Raleigh Southern Cruisers Riding Club, the CMA, the Raleigh CBA, Chatham CBA, and even Davidson County CBA attended along with several local independent riders.   28 riders attended the run and donated $10 each. The riders made a Freedom Fighter donation to the MRF in the amount of $280. Three riders also joined the MRF as new members. We would like to welcome Wally Bowles, Paul Wilms, Jim Mattes and his son Alex to the MRF. Thank you for contributing to the betterment of motorcycling in America by supporting the MRF.

Scott Hallam also showed his support of the MRF by purchasing some NC MRF raffle tickets. Please see www.NCRider.com to purchase MRF raffle tickets.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Fred Lowmueller at Team Powersports for the friendly welcome and of course those delicious Krispy Kreme donuts and hot coffee. This was a polar bear run so the coffee and donuts was much appreciated by all the riders.

Special thanks also goes to Papa Jim Everhart and Terry Bradshaw for their attendance. Jim and Terry left Lexington, NC at 7:00 AM in 27 degree weather and rode 120 miles to the start of the RRR. Their dedication to the MRF is what motivates me to want to do this again next year. They are examples of truth freedom fighters that will go anywhere in freezing temperatures just to set an example and support the MRF.

After the RRR was finished, we all had biker food (wings and burgers) and friendship at Scooters. Some of us took a ride to Scootworks in Zebulon to peruse the custom metric cruiser accessories. Thanks to Tweek for welcoming us and promoting the Raleigh Rights Rally.

The MRF is a federal (national) Motorcyclists Rights Organization (MRO). They have an office and full-time lobbyist in Washington, DC and they have been fighting for our rights in our nation's capital for over twenty years. They work on behalf of the 6.6 million motorcycle owners in America. If you are not an MRF member please consider joining them now. Just joining is the most important thing you can do. That will enable the MRF to continue to fight for federal funding for road improvements and to continue to lobby for the elimination of all forms of biker discrimination. To join, please see: www.MRF.org

Thanks to all the polar bears for coming out and riding in the first annual Raleigh Rights Rally.
Thanks to Cat Mohan for taking many of these excellent photos.

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