Opening Day - 2004

North Carolina Legislature

  On Monday, May10, 2004 approximately 150 North Carolina motorcycle riders sacrificed their day to come to Raleigh to lobby for the rights of ALL of North Carolina's riders. During Opening Day of North Carolina's Legislature, bikers from around the Carolina's converged on Raleigh to talk to their legislators and express their views on the pending bills that effect all NC bikers. Several riders were also interviewed by local TV stations and newspapers. Riders from as far west as Asheville, as far east at the coast, and as far south as Charleston, SC rode in to town to he heard. On this clear sunny day, riders learned more about how the NC Legislature functions and were able to meet with their elected officials. If you have not visited your legislative building to see how your government works, you are missing out.

Thanks goes out to all the riders who spoke with their actions today and made it to Raleigh. Thanks goes to the many CBA chapters, members of MILES of NC, Full Throttle Magazine, Jay Jarman's family, and the independent riders who stood out as bikers' rights activists in Raleigh. Bikers were the largest lobbying group on Opening Day 2004. That says a lot about our dedication and perseverance. As always - thanks to Sam Nobles for his continued leadership and for constantly motivating us to get involved and take an active role in our own future. A special thanks goes out to Fast Fred Ruddock and Dennis Welborne from South Carolina ABATE for taking the trip up to Raleigh to support their brothers and sisters in North Carolina. It was an honor to have you both in attendance. Many riders ended the afternoon at the Mello Mushroom in Raleigh for pizza and beer. A good time was had by all.

If you did not make it to Opening Day, we hope you will take an active role in the future and contribute to the fight for fair legislation. If you are not an MRO member, please consider joining an MRO and contributing to NC BikePAC.









Looking for news crews!

Fast Fred Ruddock!

Randolph, Raleigh, and Chatham CBA



House Chamber

House Chamber

Granville CBA

Randolph CBA

Senate Chamber


Brunswick CBA and "Some Guy" with a BikePAC flyer!


Charlie Boone says "Get Involved!"

CBA members line the gallery!

Senate Chamber

Raleigh CBA