First Annual NC MRF Members Meet and Greet

November 6, 2004, Asheboro, NC

The First Annual North Carolina MRF Members Meet & Greet was held on November 6th at the Fire Mountain Grill Restaurant in Asheboro, NC. The purpose of this annual meeting is to get to know other dedicated freedom fighters within our state and to put faces with names. We as NC individual MRF members would like to know each other better, generate ideas for increasing MRF memberships, and generate ideas for enhancing communications. During the meeting we discussed electronic communications and the new "NCMRFMembers" Yahoo email group. Please join if you are a NC MRF member. (
Cindy Hodges received a well deserved award for her dedication and service to the MRF members of North Carolina. (We also tripled her salary ! 8-) Bruce proposed a new type of run that he will create next year. He will create "History Runs" that will showcase local NC historical sites. The runs will serve not only as a different type of fun run, but also as an opportunity to learn about North Carolina's history. (Great idea Bruce) We all discussed ways of getting riders from other groups involved in bikers rights and vowed to network with those groups in an attempt to inject some legislative awareness. Vinny thanked Mark and Molly Infield for their constant support of bikers rights issues in Full Throttle Magazine. A 16 page hand out was provided to attendees that contained several documents pertinent to the MRF and bikers rights. Attendees took hundreds of MRF flyers with them to distribute locally. Attendees also took raffle tickets to sell for the new NC MRF Raffle. The raffle will run until April 9, 2005 where a winner will be drawn for a $100 gift certificate to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Please contact Vinny to purchase tickets ($1 each, or 6 for $5). We also took up a collection for the MRF PAC fund and will be making a donation to the MRF Federal PAC. We discussed the Raleigh Rights Rally on December, 18th that will benefit the MRF and attendees took flyers to distribute in their local area. Cindy stressed the importance of trying to attend the Meeting of the Minds next year and thanked all CBA members for sponsoring her. Several of us talked about evangelizing the MRF to our local SMRO chapters and discussed ways to encourage them to become MRF sustaining members. This was an excellent exchange of ideas and this annual meeting will serve to enhance North Carolina's participation in the MRF.