March on Raleigh 11-14-09
March on Raleigh web site:

Six motorcycle riders participated in the March on Raleigh. The purpose of the March was to protest the current direction of our country. The protest consisted of guest speakers and a march through the streets of downtown Raleigh around the legislative campus and the State Capitol.

The protestors voiced their opposition to many issues such as:

1) Increased governmental involvement in private enterprises using bailouts.
2) I
ncreased governmental deficit spending and debt.
3) Reduction in freedoms and increased control over individuals by the current administration.
4) Increased fees and taxes from proposed legislation such as Cap and Trade and government run healthcare.
5) A progressive tax system which penalizes productivity, redistributes wealth from industrious Americans to apathetic Americans and is hurting our national grown. We support a flat or at least a Fair tax system.
6) Protestors are against the current administration's tactics of poking holes in our national security and belittling our intelligence officers.

Below are pictures and videos from the event.

Some signs that we did not get pictures of include:

"What the government gives to someone must first be taken away from someone else."
"If you are not outraged, you are not paying taxes."
"If Obama screws up healthcare, where will the Canadians go?"
"Obama ... subsidizing private failures with public money - BUYING VOTES"
"A war on achievement is not the answer."
"Stop stealing from workers to reward deadbeats."
"The ACORN doesn't fall far from the president."



God Bless America