NC MRF History Tour - June 25, 2005

Moore's Creek National Battlefield

The third of five scheduled NC MRF History Tours was held on June 25th. The tour started in Garner, NC at Team PowerSports and traveled to the Moore's Creek National Battlefield in Currie, NC which is twenty (20) miles northwest of Wilmington, NC.

At the start, Bruce Harris, our Tour Director told the riders about the Battle of Moore's Creek, handed out detailed maps of the route, reviewed the proposed route and held a brief safety meeting. We left at 9:30 AM and stopped for a gas/comfort break outside of Wallace, NC at I-40 Exit 385. During that stop, Bruce further enlightened the riders about the logistics of moving an Army across North Carolina in 1776. He then reviewed the next leg of the route and had another brief safety meeting. Once at Moore's Creek, we watched an entertaining 20 minute audiovisual presentation and then we were lucky enough to get a personalized lecture from local historian Tim Boyd. Tim is the Educational Technician at Moore's Creek and was dressed in period clothing. Tim gave us a 30 minute informative demonstration of period weapons and even allowed us to handle some of the weapons used during the time of the Moore's Creek battle.

After the tour was over, we all headed to a special BBQ spot. Our tour guide Bruce purchased a book that contained the ratings of just about every BBQ joint in NC. At the top of the list was a little place that only serves meals from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM on saturdays ONLY. The "Pink Supper House" is a Ruritan club in Wallace, NC that cooks pigs every saturday morning and serves them on Saturday afternoons. The eastern NC BBQ was delicious, and the service was excellent. We had a 245 mile day and enjoyed a good meal and learned more about North Carolina's history.

We would like to thank the riders who came out for this tour. We would also like to welcome David Williams to the MRF. David attended his third NC MRF History Tour today and also joined the MRF.

These riders understand the importance of protecting the things they love. Riding our motorcycles is important to all of us and these riders have shown their love for motorcycling by financially supporting the MRF on this history tour. A Freedom Fighter donation was made to the MRF with the tour donations and that donation will go directly towards our fight at the federal level for fair motorcycle related legislation. To view the MRF's legislative agenda go HERE. If you are not already an MRF member, please consider joining. The MRF is completely focused on supporting street motorcycling. Join online HERE

The fourth NC MRF History Tour will ride to the The House in the Horseshoe on Saturday, July 22rd. There will be a total of five NC MRF History Tours during 2005.

We would like to thank long-time MRF Individual Sustaining Member Bruce Harris for his dedication to the MRF, his time and effort in organizing and planning this History Tour, and his enthusiasm for creating fun, alternate riding opportunities for North Carolina's riders.

The Battle of Moore's Creek

"King George and Broadswords!" shouted British loyalists as they charged across partially dismantled Moore's Creek bridge on February 27, 1776. Just beyond the bridge nearly a thousand North Carolina patriots waited quietly with cannons and muskets poised to fire.

The loyalists, mostly Scottish Highlanders wielding broadswords, expected to find only a small patriot force. As the loyalists advanced across the bridge, patriot shots rang out and dozens of loyalists fell, including their commanders.

Stunned, outgunned and leaderless, the British loyalists surrendered, retreating in confusion. Wagons, weapons and British sterling worth more than $1 million by today's value were seized by the patriots in the days following the battle.

This dramatic victory ended British authority in the colony and greatly influenced North Carolina to be the first colony to vote for independence. The Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, coupled with the Battle of Sullivan's Island near Charleston, SC a few months later, ultimately led the 13 colonies to declare independence on July 4, 1776.

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