CBA Freedom Rally - 2005

Busco Beach, Goldsboro, NC - April 29th - May 1st.

On April 29, 2005, the CBA annual Freedom Rally was held at Busco Beach in Goldsboro, NC. Over three hundred bikers attended this years rally. If you were there, you already know how cool Busco Beach is for holding a bike rally. The camping sites all feature shade trees and a lake or river view. The facilities include beach access, a game room with pool tables and video games, nice showers, a large bandstand, four-wheeling trails, and a peaceful, relaxed setting. Busco is a perfect place for a large rally. The CBA Board of Directors worked hard to find a central location for their annual rally and they are right on target with Busco Beach.

This was a weekend filled with brotherhood and sisterhood. CBA members are the folks who work hard all year long to promote fair motorcycle laws and repeal unfair motorcycle laws. They do it with very little thanks from the other 99% of riders in North Carolina who don't do anything to protect their own rights.

Most bikers in North Carolina don't care enough about their rights to spend $25 and join a Motorcyclists' Rights Organization (MRO). There are approximately 160,000 street riders in NC. That means only about one percent of all NC street riders belong to the only MRO in North Carolina (The CBA). The CBA members set the agenda in NC. They set the tone. And they carry the load. If you would like to help, please consider joining the CBA.

This year's Freedom Rally was a first class event. From the bike show and top notch entertainment, to the Vietnam Vets MC ceremony and tranquil venue. Powers Company Band provided the entertainment. The bike show winners were: Harley Touring: 1st Rufus Hargrove; Metric Touring: 1st Dave Doherty, Harley Cruiser: 1st Peri Pratt; 2nd Georg Henderson, Metric Cruiser: 1st Randy Golden; 2nd Glenn Hardee, Custom Cruiser: 1st Ron Purser; 2nd Mikey Hindle, Radical Custom: 1st George Strunk, Antique: 1st Greg Hatfield.

If you were not there this year, we hope you will take an active role in supporting bikers' rights in the future by joining the CBA.

Special thanks to Cat Mohan for taking these pictures.