Chatham CBA's Annual Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Ride 5-10-08

Seventeen members rode on 13 bikes through beautiful Chatham County to raise awareness that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. The route was created by Wayne and Debbie and they did an excellent job. Even Mohan, who has ridden a lot in Chatham County commented that he saw places he had never been before. Thanks go to Wayne and Debbie for planning a great ride.

The route took us past all three of our yellow and black motorcycle awareness signs. These signs have cost Chatham CBA over $550 to purchase and maintain. We encourage ALL motorcycle clubs and organizations to consider purchasing these types of signs and putting them up all over North Carolina. These signs remind car drivers to watch out for us and these signs SAVE LIVES.

This ride was also meant to honor our MSAP Instructors. These volunteers take time out from their personal schedules to go into high school drivers education classes and teach the new drivers to watch for motorcycles. This is another life-saving program. Although his program was started by the CBA, we also encourage other motorcycle groups to have their members become certified MSAP instructors and help teach these 90 minute long classes to the new drivers. Please see our MSAP webpage for more information.

We are VERY grateful for our Chatham County CBA MSAP instructors and appreciate their dedication.

Chatham CBA's MSAP Instructors: 
Becky, DocSki, Burnie, Wayne, Debbie, Iris