Central Carolina Cruzzzz
Chatham and Alamance County CBA
July 22, 2006

Cruzin was finer in Carolina on July 22nd when the Chatham County CBA and the Alamance County CBA held a joint event. Both chapters held dice runs from their respective counties and ended their separate runs together at Weaver's Bar and Grill in Graham, NC.

On a day when the weather was predicted to be strong storms and possible hail, the 35 bikers who showed up for this event were warriors. These were definitely not the type of folks that could be scared off by a bad weather forecast. However, we were lucky and didn't hit even one drop or rain.

Mike Rowley won the dice run on the Alamance County ride. Phillip Brewer took last place. Don Pardue won the dice run on the Chatham ride. Not only did Don win the ride, but he then donated all of the $110 back to the Chatham CBA and also joined the Chatham CBA as well. This run was worth it for Chatham just because we met a great guy like Don and we have a new member who understands what we do and why we are doing it. THANK YOU DON! Will Duncan won second place and David "Ditch" Gore took last place and a T-shirt.

The CBA is a group of twenty (20) chapters of bikers spread out across the state who continually monitor legislation in the North Carolina legislature. We fight to support fair legislation and fight to repeal unfair legislation. The CBA fights for the rights of ALL of North Carolina's bikers. It's not rocket science folks, for $25 per year, you can help too. Join up and help us retain the riding freedoms we still have left and help us regain the riding freedoms we have lost.

Chatham and Alamance County CBA would like to thank all the riders who came out to support bikers' rights today. Thanks also goes out to our brothers and sisters from Randolph County CBA and Raleigh CBA for their attendance. It was great day of riding and we all made some new friends.