Berry Hill Estate

South Boston, Virginia

On Sunday, March 16th, sixteen riders from Chatham CBA, Raleigh CBA, and other groups rode up to South Boston, Virginia to visit Berry Hill Estate (BHE). BHE is an old plantation mansion that has been converted to a hotel and spa.

During our stay, we enjoyed an excellent brunch buffet that also included live music. The meal was delicious and even exceeded our high expectations.

After the brunch, the riders were treated to a history tour of the grounds by Berry Hill's historian. William is a very knowledgeable historian and a very friendly gentleman. We would like to thank him for his time as we really enjoyed learning more about Berry Hill's history. We would also like to thank Maggie for her assistance and hospitality.

During our brunch, the ladies of the Red Hat Society were also in attendance. When they finished their brunch, they asked if they could take pictures of our bikes. We said "SURE". But little did we know, they wanted MORE! They are one frisky and playful bunch of ladies. Several of them wanted to take home some of the bikers. When I told them that most of us were married and that we had a single, 60 year old guy for them (Ed), they said he was too old for them. 8-) The craziest of the bunch as a 94 year old who wanted to take home TWO bikers. Once this lady mounted Bob's Gold Wing, she wouldn't get off. The only way I could get her off was by giving her Burnie's cell phone number. (Sorry Burnie, your wife will just have to understand. Thanks for taking one for the team.) It was all is good fun and we enjoyed the Red Hat Society ladies. You girls can ride with us anytime.

For those interested in a excellent ride destination that has gourmet food, an interesting history, and a peaceful setting, Berry Hill Estate is the place.
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