Motorcycle Camping Checklist:



Below is a list of the camping items you may want to consider taking along. By no means are we recommending you take along all of these items as you would need a truck to bring them all.



American Flag

Map of area


Campground directory

Cell phone with batt
Cash, Credit cards, ATM Card, Travelers Checks.

Phone calling card

Roadside Assistance membership card

Medical Emergency cards. See HERE
Duct tape

Collapsible walking stick for hiking
Camera, film, batteries
Video Camera
Small tree saw
Whistles for emergency (hiking)

Flashlights (extra batteries)
Rope for clothes line

Small collapsible shovel

Trash bags

International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers membership card and member directory

Sleeping Tent
Small mallet for tent spikes
Tent spike remover
Sleeping bag or blanket, pillow
Air mattress
Outdoor games (Frisbee, balls, etc)

Indoor games: (Cards, etc)
Fishing supplies (line, hook, sinker)
Fishing bait + License
Fire starter (Matches, Butane Lighters, etc)
Grilling utensils

Small cutting board
Carving Knife
Small Fire Extinguisher
Small cooking pot or pan
Foil, Saran, Ziplocks, etc.
Plate, mug, utensils.
Can Opener

Cooler - snacks - drinks - protein bars

Water bottle

AAA card for hotel discounts (just in case)

AMA/HOG/HRCA/etc card for discounts.



Tool Kit with gas siphon tube, spare fuses, spare bulbs.

Bike cover

Bungees/Bungee net

Shop towels and windshield cleaner

Tie Wraps and diagonal cutter

Bike Registration and Insurance cards

Spare ignition key

Spanner wrench for suspension

Security locks (cables, chains, disk locks)
Spare spark plugs with wrench

Address and phone of bike dealerships

Service Manual

Reflective Night Riding Vest (Halo bands etc)


Needed Rx medicines

Toilet paper
Bug Spray (w/Deet)
Soap/Deodorant/shaving stuff/tampons/shampoo/toothbrush/toothpaste/etc.

Sun Screen
Riding glasses (tinted and clear)

First Aid kit

Clothes to layer


Towel + washcloth

Spare prescription glasses.
Bathing suits
Rain gear
Hiking boots
Sewing repair kit