Who are your friends?

I like to know who my friends are. I like to know who helps me ride safer and who is working against me. Unfortunately, most riders don't know who their friends are. They don't realize that there is a organization in Washington, DC that has been working for them for the past 20 years. This organization works to make sure that the best interests of motorcyclists' are represented when motorcycle related issues comes up in the US government. That organization is the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF). The MRF has a full-time lobbyist and office in DC and they are funded by memberships. Most riders don't know about the MRF so they don't support the MRF. I know about the MRF and they are my friends.

The MRF is fighting to make sure my medical claims are paid by my insurance company should I get hurt on my motorcycle. They are fighting to secure funding for rider training and road improvements. Road improvements that include paving streets and fixing pot holes. Riding on safe roads is important to me. They are pressuring the EPA for my right to modify and customize my bike. A right that whether you realize it or not, we are losing! The MRF is a national Motorcyclists Rights Organization (MRO) that is working for the rights of all of America's motorcyclists. The MRF is our voice in Washington, DC and lobbies for fair federal level motorcycle legislation. They also support riders on state level legislative issues as well.

The MRF are not "Sport bikers". They are not "Harley people". They are not "white guys" and they are not a "black biker organization". They are bikers! It's not about color, and it's not about style of riding you do or the type of bike you own. When a bill turns into a law in Washington, DC, it effects all bikers irregardless of race and type of bike. The MRF is bi-partisan. They are partisan about one thing and one thing only -- motorcycling. They are women and men of every race, creed and political party devoted to one cause -- riders' rights and safety. MRF members are committed to each other as brothers and sisters.

The MRF's public policy interests are the protection of riders' interests across the board: highway safety, personal liberty, law enforcement, health care, discrimination, public opinion, highway access and the relationship between federal power and state prerogatives. They also pressure regulatory agencies like the EPA to stay away from discriminatory rulings against motorcyclists.

The MRF was started in 1984 by motorcyclists, and to this day is run by motorcyclists. All financial support for the organization is generated from membership dues. This is your chance to thank your friends. Help the people who have been helping you for 20 years. They will keep you informed about issues that directly effect you. The only way to keep yourself educated on the issues that face bikers, it to join the MRF and understand what they are doing for you. Joining the MRF costs $25 per year. Compare that to the value you place on riding. How much did that last piece of chrome cost? Don't forget to thank your friends in Washington, DC by joining the MRF. You can join on line at: www.MRF.org

Vinny Neuman
Protect your freedoms!
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