Riding Checklist             


Riding jacket


Windshield storage bag (?)


Riding boots


Roadside assistance card


Riding pants (chaps)


Cell phone (charged)


Riding gloves


Manufacturer membership card (for discounts)


Reflective Night Riding Vest

(Halo bands etc)


AMA membership card for discounts


Neck warmer


AIM (NCOM) phone number




Insurance card /Registration


Bike tool kit


Address and phone of bike dealerships




Plastic bags to cover gear bags in rain


Rain suit


Bike (windshield) cleaner


First Aid kit


Spare spark plugs


Prescription medicine


Rags (paper towels) to clean gasoline spills


Sun screen


Tire gauge, Fix-A-Flat


Survival kit


Security locks (cables, chains, disk locks)


Canteen and snack


Spare keys




Bike cover


Clear goggles (glasses) for night riding


Extra tail light and head light bulb


Bungee cords


Extra bike fuses


Bungee net


Duct Tape


Tie wraps and diagonal cutters


Face shield


Helmet zip out ear cover




Spanner wrench for suspension




Kickstand ground pad


Toiletry Kit


Gasoline syphon tube   Telephone calling card (out of cell range)  

AAA Card for hotel discounts


Compass / GPS