Ride Types:


Poker Runs


Each rider pays the entrance fee at the first stop (beginning) of the run. (usually $10-$25). Each rider picks his/her first card at the beginning of the ride. Each rider travels with the group, stopping four more times at checkpoints where the rider picks a card, usually from a bag of cards that contain a full deck. Five cards are drawn total and the best poker hand at the fifth (last) stop wins. The card values are recorded at each stop on a sheet of paper that you are given when you pay your entrance fee at the beginning of the ride. sometimes, there will be a prize for the best hand, second best hand, and worst hand.

Spoker Runs

When several chapters from the same organization all have individual poker runs to a central location. The riders ride the "spokes" to the central "hub" location.


Dice Runs


Dice runs can have as few as two, or as many as 8 stops. At each stop, you roll 5 dice, add up the total score, and the person with the high score, wins that stop's prize. On a dice run, you don't have to have five stops like on a poker run. You can have two or as many as eight. It really depends on how many prizes the organizers can accumulate. Often these prizes are donated by local businesses. All prizes should have the same value to the riders. The people organizing the run (primes) do not have to carry cards to each stop and they do not have to fill out forms at each stop like they would at a poker run. The primes just have to carry a set of 5 dice. A dice run allows people who don't plan on finishing the run a chance to win a prize by just attending one stop.


Mystery Runs

The only "Mystery" will be as to where and when you stop for a rest stop, where you will eat, what your route is and/or where the end of the ride will be. Only the lead bike (and possibly the road guards and the tail gunner/drag bike) will know where the route will lead and where it will finish. No one will know what or where the meal will be. Sometimes the route that is taken will lead folks to believe they know where the leader is headed, only to be surprised as he/she rides past a possible or probable destination.


Usually there is a $10-$25 entry fee that is used as a fundraising and to cover door prizes. They generally ride out for about 90 minutes with one gas/rest stop in between, eat, and then ride the return route for about 90 minutes with one gas/rest stop on the return trip. After the meal they usually distribute door prizes, hold a raffle, and/or hold 50/50 drawing. Thanks to "Papa" Jim Everhart for the description of this run. Retreads Website: http://ncretread3.tripod.com/ncretreads/


Alphabet Runs (Contest)


Take a picture of your bike including license plate next to a Town or County sign. Using the first letter of the Town (County) spell "America" or a word of your choosing. Give the pictures to the organizer (prime) along with your entry fee ($10-$25) and a winner will be randomly drawn from the successful entries. This contest usually runs over a period of 1-3 months depending on how many letters are in the word that you are trying to spell. "X" is always a free letter! Winner gets something good ! Usually, there are several prizes.


Small Town Runs (Contest)


This one requires participants to find 5-10 towns that have a animal's name in them. Same as Alphabet Run in that you have to submit a picture of your bike and license plate in front of a town sign. Examples of NC towns with an animal in their names: (Bear Creek, Bat Cave, Falcon, Beaver Creek, Frogsboro, Elk Park, Duck, Eagle Rock, Crabtree, Banner Elk, etc.) Other themes are also fun. Another idea is using town names that are also people names: (Franklinton, Louisburg, Faith, St. John, Scotts Hill, Florence, Ashley Heights, Maggie Valley, Lynn, Marvin, Julian, Hubert, Georgetown, Jason, Kelly, Todd, etc.) Food references: (Mount Olive, Troutman, Peachtree, Fruitland, Gum Springs, Turkey, Cornatzer, Sugar Grove, etc.) Biker themed towns: (Bandana, Cycle, Liberty, Indian Beach, Hot Springs, Cherokee, Deals Gap, etc.)


Liberty Runs


Entrance fees should be collected at the first stop. The run begins at a point where there is a flag; or the prime can bring a flag. The Pledge of Allegiance is recited by all run participants. Then the ride travels along like a poker run, stopping three times. The first stop is at a gas/rest stop. Second stop is for lunch/dinner. Third stop is a gas/rest stop. At each stop, the prime or another person reads a summary of the Declaration of Independence (first stop), Constitution (second and lunch stop), Bill of Rights (third stop). It is good to have three readers, each taking one of the freedom documents. Be sure that the summaries are relatively short. Five to fifteen minutes should do it for each reading. Flags, flag shirts, and flag jackets are the dress code on this one. This is a patriotic run. Celebrate freedom ! This is a great ride for the 4th of July weekend. Proceeds from this run should go to a legislative fund to support lobbying efforts and combat governmental control of motorcyclists. Try to get some patriotic door prizes donated so you can give them out at the lunch (second) stop. You may want to give each rider a flag at the beginning of the run as long as you have a good way of securing the flags. One flag that comes off and causes a rider to go down will ruin the day. One note: make sure your readers (presenters) don't put any bias slant on any of the information. This run should be an educational, fun run; not a campaign rally. We have put together brief summaries of the three documents that all clubs and organizations are free to use. See our "America's Freedom Documents" section to find full versions of America's Freedom documents as well as the summaries for our Liberty Runs.


Memorial Bead Runs


This is a memorial run for a lost brother/sister. Someone has to buy beads with letters on them at the craft store that spell out the person's first name. If you expect 50 riders, and the person who passed way is named "Gary", buy 50 G beads, 50 A beads, 50 R beads, and 50 Y beads. Since there are four letters in Gary, there will be four stops on the run. Every rider will get a letter bead at each of the four stops. Obviously, if the person's name is long, you will either have to give out two beads per stop or have a lot of stops. At the first stop, also give everyone a length of rawhide so they can sting their beads and tie the full name to their vest when the run is complete. This also gives them a memento for their vest to remember the lost rider. Make sure the beads are large enough to be strung on the rawhide.