Remember in November Campaign

The Remember in November Campaign was created to remind bikers that we are three times more likely to hit a deer in November than in any other month.

Many of us usually ride 5-9 miles over the speed limit. Reducing our speed in November by at least 10 mph, may be give us the extra second we need to slow down enough to reduce our injuries or even save our life.

We never think it will happen to us, because those things "only happen to other people". But sometimes, it does happen to us.

Any driver behind you who thinks you are going too slow can pass you. A car can handle a deer much better than a biker. Let them go around you.

Watching for deer is helpful, but we all know how fast they are and how fast they can dart out. Reducing your speed and only riding in the daylight will help reduce your injuries.

Remember in November to reduce your speed!



Fatalities from vehicle crashes with deer have more than doubled over the past 15 years, according to a study by a highway safety group that cites urban sprawl overlapping into deer habitat.

The report found that 223 people died in animal-vehicle crashes in 2007, up from 150 in 2000 and 101 in 1993.

The study found that insurance claims for crashes with animals is three times higher in November than it is from January to September. The months with the most crash deaths coincide with fall breeding season.

Officials said there are no proven countermeasures, other than fencing, which is extremely expensive and not practical. "Our message to motorists is to slow down, particularly at dusk and on rural roads." Ride with your bright lights on if there are no on-coming cars and you have to ride at night.

The overall number of animal-vehicle crashes is also on the rise. The report estimates 1.2 million claims industrywide for crashes with animals over a 12-month period.