Raleigh Rights Rally

**** WAS: Sat, Feb 25, 2006 ****

**** NEXT RRR TBD ****

The Motorcycles Riders Foundation (MRF) is an organization that has been fighting for the rights of America's motorcyclists since 1987. The MRF lobbies against unfair motorcycle laws and fights discrimination against riders. They promote motorcycle safety, motorcycle awareness, and lobby for federal funding for our national motorcycle safety agenda. They are completely focused on making our riding experience safer, while guarding our constitutional rights.

There is now a way for Central North Carolina riders to thank this important organization. This rally will be a polar bear run to raise money for the MRF. 100% of the donations will go to the MRF. $10 donation. This will be a fun day of riding and will benefit a great cause. Many of us contribute and attend various runs and never see any return. This ride will benefit us and help to preserve our riding freedoms. Hope you value your riding lifestyle and are willing to help protect it. Hope to see you all in Raleigh.


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