Poetry by Gary St. Pierre 

If you don't know, I can't explain it!

How can I begin to explain the feeling of the ride?
The companionship of brothers, riding side by side

The pure delicious scent of freedom in the wind
Coupled with the raging power crouched between your shins

There is no sweeter pleasure, in life to be had
No virgin flesh nor evil powder can make you feel this glad

Not every man can feel it, most don't have the stones
to put it out there on the street, on the outside all alone

They'd rather sit there in their cage, airbags front and side
Than grab the highway with both hands and take it for that ride

That's their choice and that's their loss, to lock themselves inside
They'll never know the joy and sweet freedom of the ride


Highway Song

Iron and flesh bake in the sun.
Pipes roar and motors run.

Wind cooled faces, shades on their eyes.
Power hums between levi'd thighs.

Highway stretches far ahead.
Adventure beckons and they are led.

To leave their homes and familiar streets.
The great unknown can be so sweet.

It calls to them and draws them on.
Heard in the heart, is the highways song.