CBA's Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Program

What is it?

A program that trains North Carolina bikers to go into high school drivers' education classes and teach the new driving students to share the road with motorcycles. This program is an hour long lecture class that explains the benefits of sharing the road with bikers. The class consists of 16 modules:

                                             1) Introduction - Who is the CBA and why are we here.
                                             2) Sharing the road.
                                             3) Personal information about the instructor(s).
                                             4) Discussion about the students' exposure to motorcyclists.
                                             5) Discussion on different types of motorcycles.
                                             6) Discussion on stereotypes.
                                             7) Sunny Day Demonstration.
                                             8) Discussion on crash statistics and causes.
                                             9) Discussion of personal examples.
                                            10) Reasons for riding a motorcycle.
                                            11) Why motorcycles use and need the entire lane.
                                            12) Differences between cars and motorcycles.
                                            13) View video "A Common Road"
                                            14) S.I.P.D.E. Discussion.
                                            15) Discussion on protective clothing.
                                            16) Closing discussion about motorcycles crashes.

Who can teach it?

ANY motorcyclist in North Carolina can attend an instructors training class and then be certified to teach the class. This invitation goes out to ALL motorcycle clubs, riding clubs, GWRRA chapters, HOG chapters, and any other riding group or organization in North Carolina. The more instructors that are trained, the more lives are saved.

Where can I get more information?

Contact the CBA state Director of Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

Join the North Carolina CBA HERE