Are you a member?


Recently, there has been some confusion about MRF membership options and what "sustaining membership" means to a member of a ABATE chapter. Some ABATE members are under the assumption that because their ABATE chapter has a MRF sustaining membership, that they are individual MRF members. That is unfortunately not how the MRF sustaining membership is structured.


If you are not receiving your personal copy of the MRF Reports newsletter at your home, then you are probably not an MRF member. Please read on if you are interested in membership into the MRF. Below are the details of the different MRF memberships:

Individual Membership ($25 per year)
This is the regular membership that allows the person to receive a member patch, pin, and the MRF Reports newsletter. This membership duration is for one year. (3 Year Individual Membership = $65.00)

Joint Memberships ($40 per year)
For two individuals with the same mailing address. They do not necessarily have to be a "couple," but can be two family members or friends who share the same household and both wish to join the MRF. They will receive one patch, pin, and MRF Reports newsletter. (3 Year Joint Membership = $100.00)

Sustaining Membership - Individual ($100 per year)
This is a sponsoring type of membership that says you would like to donate at a higher level than the regular membership and are able to make the $100 contribution to bikers rights at the national level. You will receive a sustaining membership patch and pin and the MRF Reports newsletter. Your name will be listed in the MRF Reports newsletter under "sustaining members". This membership duration is for one year.

Sustaining Membership - Group ($100 per year)
This is the same type of membership as the Individual Sustaining Membership, However, it is usually purchased by group or chapter of bikers rights activists. Your group or chapter will be listed in the MRF Reports newsletter under "sustaining members" and on the MRF web site. This membership duration is for one year. If you are a member of a group that has a sustaining membership, please consider joining the MRF by purchasing an Individual membership or an Sustaining Individual membership.

Life Membership
The MRF also does not have a life membership that you can purchase. Life membership is something that is only awarded by the MRF as an honorary membership. That is why you will not find an option for life membership on the MRF membership application.

Please contact any of your NC MRF State Representatives for assistance with MRF memberships.
Cindy Hodges State Rep/BOD Member Email: Phone: 919-872-7150
Jocelyn Hayden Asst. State Rep Email: Phone: 919-575-3733
Vinny Neuman Asst. State Rep Email: Phone: 919-522-4922

To become members of the MRF, please see the MRF's web site at:

The MRF would like to thank you for caring enough about the future of motorcycling to support the MRF's operations and goals.

Vinny Neuman
MRF Individual Sustaining Member
MRF Assistant State Rep for NC