10 Reasons why you should join the MRF:

10) They are fighting to make sure your medical claims are paid by your insurance companies.

9) They are fighting to secure funding for rider training.

8) They are fighting to secure funding to fix pot holes and other road hazards.

7) They are fighting for your right to modify your bike.

6) We need to help them fund a office and lobbyist in Washington, DC so they can continue the fight.

5) They support us on state level legislation.

4) They have been OUR federal MRO since 1984!

3) They are well organized, efficiently managed, and will work to provide a safer riding future for all of us.

2) You will get another patch and pin for your vest, along with a newsletter.

1) For $30 you can support motorcycle awareness, safety, education, and contribute to the growth of motorcycling in America!