Liberty - What is it?

(Doug Hagin January 18, 2005)

What is this thing we Americans call liberty? What does it truly mean to possess personal liberty? In this nation, founded upon the ideal of liberty, do most of us even really have a firm grasp on what liberty is?

Now these might seem to be strange questions but it is a sad fact that far too many of us do not truly understand liberty. Now given my deep personal Conservative leanings, you might be expecting me to lay all the blame for not grasping the concept of liberty on Liberals. Moreover, to be perfectly fair Liberals and liberty are not on the same page.

However, there are quite a number of my fellow Conservatives who seem a little fuzzy on liberty as well. For us, as Americans, to enjoy the fruits and blessings of the liberty our Creator endows us with, we must come to terms with the fact that government, any government, is the enemy of liberty. Yes, yes I realize we must have some government. And to be certain the Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republican form of government, which better than any other government protects our liberties.

Every year, however, it seems an increasingly over-intrusive government and power-hungry politicians are eroding more of our liberties. We see our paychecks plundered by a greedy and punitive tax code. Liberals, of course, love big taxes; it eases their need for a more "fair" state of affairs where those evil rich White guys are made to toe the line.

Conservatives or maybe I should say Republicans posing as Conservatives refuse to seriously address the need to end our current tax system and implement a national excise tax or a flat tax. Oh sure they pay some lip-service to reforming the tax code, then turn around and give us paltry tax-cuts, many of which are dependent upon how many children we have or some other behaviorally related criteria.

Let us be clear, in a nation, which honors true liberty every American would pay, the same rate of taxation. To force one American to pay a different rate based on their marital status, or their income level, or whether or not they have children, is antithetical to liberty.

Likewise, Liberals are clearly anti-liberty where the rights of Americans to own guns are concerned. There is no doubt, where they stand on gun rights.

They stand with the Marxists who do not think human beings worthy of self-determination or of freedom. However, how much better are some Conservatives? Yes, for the most part they are many times friendlier to the Constitution. Yet some of them have stood for restrictions, which would appall the Founders. The Second Amendment is crystal clear on this issue.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed. Simply put if you are an American you should not need a concealed carry law to arm yourself, you already have that right courtesy of the Constitution.

How many guns you own, or how many bullets the guns hold, or if it is a so-called "assault weapon," or if your gun has a trigger lock are of none of the government's business. The only restrictions should be placed on felons and children. Moreover, the rights of parents to determine what age is appropriate for their children to have a gun is a parental role not a governmental one.

There is one area where Liberals and Conservatives have allowed personal offense to trump their belief in liberty. This area revolves around several issues. All these issues involve personal morality and behaviors, which involve consenting adults and their right to live as they choose. Yes, I know I am going to hack off some Conservatives here but perhaps they need to be hacked off. Sodomy laws have absolutely no place in America.

What consenting adults do in their own homes is their business. It might offend me, it might disgust you, but if we allow the government to dictate their private lives then our private lives could easily be next.

How about legalizing pot? Is pot good for you? Likely not. Is it smart to smoke the garbage? Definitely not. However, if an adult chooses to sit home and get stoned out of his or her mind, is it any of the governments business? In a society which honors liberty the answer is no. Now if this person allows a minor to get hold of this drug or if they drive while under its influence then yes there should be severe legal ramifications. The only standard, which ought to apply is this, does the behavior cause harm to anyone else? In addition, no, being offended is not the same as being harmed.

Living in a country, which has liberty, means some folks are going to do things, which cause offense to others. There is absolutely no right not to be offended in our Constitution. And please spare me the inane "community standards" argument. Allowing a community to intrude in the private lives of adults is a great recipe for flushing all our freedoms down the proverbial toilet.

Sure, it is easy to say a community should ban sodomy. Most Americans are disgusted by that act. Homosexuality is not normal or natural; no matter how many times the radical Gay agenda tries to say it is. However, if a community can intrude into the bedrooms of some consenting adults then the rest of us might see our sex lives in danger of offending a community.

There are so many other laws, which are equally offensive, and anti-freedom we have allowed to take hold here. Seat-belt laws, helmet laws, cell-phone laws, public smoking laws, the list is long and depressing. The truth is simple my friends we have too much government, and too many laws in this great nation. Liberty means we are free to live as we see fit. Some will choose to live in ways, which cause us offense, and should we choose to disallow this we will pay the dearest of prices. Liberty is worth far too much to allow it to disappear.
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