Holiday Biker Charity 101

It’s that time of year when most bikers attend toy runs, and our clubs and chapters decide on who will receive our charitable donations. This is the time of year when we all get to do what we love to do. Help others!!!

This is also the time of year when we should all give some serious thought to who will receive our charity. Which organizations deserve our support and which organizations do not? Just because an organization is defined as a charity doesn’t mean we should throw money at them. Many have such high administrative costs that our funds will not help anyone but the charity organization itself.

Many hospitals and children’s charities take our donations and use them to lobby against us. They use our donations to help pay their lobbyists, who lobby for mandatory helmet laws. Please research your charity before donating funds to them. Find out their goals and find out exactly how they feel about bikers and bikers’ rights. Don’t blindly assume that you are doing a good deed. That good deed may hurt bikers.

One charity that we should not forget during the holidays is our fellow downed riders. We should look to find out which riders in our community have gone down this past year and try to help them and their families. Many of them are physically hurt or have lost wages due to their accident. Also look for the families of riders who have passed away. We bikers should take care of our own. Help their spouses and help their children. Not only with monetary donations, but also look for other things you can do for their family. Helping a fellow biker is the best way to support motorcycling. One of the organizations that I belong to will always donate to “biker charities” before we donate to what we call “stranger charities”.

We should also make sure we have done due diligence to bikers rights during the year. If your club has not contributed to bikers rights during the year, you may want to consider making a legislative donation to your local MRO or local PAC fund (Political Action Committee). That form of charity will help promote fair motorcycle legislation, education, and safety programs. Furthering motorcycle safety and education may save a life next year. Saving a life may enable a child to grow up with both parents. The life you save may also be someone’s teenage son or daughter. Think about it! That is the BEST form of charity anyone could ever give!! Please don’t forget motorcyclists' rights organizations as a charity this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

Vinny Neuman
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