Chatham CBA Promotes Motorcycle Awareness

CCCBA members rode in the Annual CCCBA Motorcycle Awareness Ride

Chatham County Concerned Bikers Association recently purchased motorcycle awareness signs to be placed around Chatham County to remind car drivers to watch out for motorcycles. These four foot tall by eight foot wide signs were purchased and installed at a cost of approximately $225 each.

The first sign was installed on 15/501 (northbound) just south of Pittsboro on the property of long-time Chatham CBA members Jack and Lisa Goans.

The second sign is installed on the southeast corner of Hwy 64 and Hwy 751.

The third sign was installed on 15/501 (northbound), 3.5 miles north of the Pittsboro Courthouse Circle on the property of Camp and Joanne Oldham just next door from Country Hair styling.

The fourth sign is installed on Hwy 902, 12 miles south of downtown Pittsboro on the property of Crystal Willet.

Chatham CBA would like to thank Jack and Lisa Goans, Crystal Willet, and Camp and Joanne Oldham. We will never know for sure, but we expect these signs save lives.

Promoting motorcycle awareness and safety are just two of the main goals of the Concerned Bikers Association. Please support this important state-wide motorcyclists' rights organization (SMRO) and help them promote fair motorcycle legislation, motorcycle safety and awareness.

Protect your freedoms! Join CBA/ABATE and the MRF today!

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