Chatham CBA Member Works to Save Lives

Chatham County Concerned Bikers Association has a member who gives her personal time and effort to saving bikers' lives. Becky Whitley is the Chatham Chapter's Safety and Awareness Coordinator. Becky goes into high school drivers education classes and teaches the new young drivers to watch for motorcycles when they are out on the road.

Becky teaches the CBA's Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Program (MSAP). She not only teaches these classes in Chatham County high schools, but she has also traveled to neighboring counties to provide the training to additional students.

All riders in NC should help Becky as well as other CBA/MSAP instructors like her, to grow the MSAP program. It is a critical program that definitely saves lives in North Carolina.

For her efforts, Becky was also chosen as Chatham's Member of the Year for 2007.

For more information on the MSAP, please contact NCRider at

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