Chatham County
Concerned Bikers Association

(open to all riders in or near Chatham County, North Carolina)

Who We Are:
A state motorcyclists' rights organization (SMRO)
A motorcycle riding group
Motorcycle awareness instructors
Freedom Fighters
A non-profit community service organization
Dedicated to promoting motorcycle safety
Brothers and sisters

What We Do:
Lobby against unfair motorcycle legislation and lobby for fair legislation.
Promote motorcycle safety.

Promote motorcycle awareness.

Ride together.

Support each other.

Have fun.

(Monthly meetings, monthly fun runs, breakfast, lunch and dinner rides, Bike Nights, Summer Ice Cream Socials,
Spring Wine Tasting Parties, Christmas Parties, Charity Rides, Camp-outs, etc)

See our standing events page HERE

See our 12-page Safety Handout HERE

Where We Meet:
Held on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM
(December meeting is always held at a party location)
Virlie's Grill in downtown Pittsboro
58 Hillsboro St  Pittsboro, NC 27312 (919) 542-0376
We welcome ALL makes of bikes and their riders.
We share a common bond .... that of the road.

Why should I join?

Membership webpage:

CCCBA Promotes MC Awareness with 4'x8' Signs
CCCBA and the Town of Pittsboro Promote MC Awareness
Chatham CBA Member Works to Save Lives

CBA teaches new drivers to watch for bikers through the MSAP
CCCBA Safety Handout

More Information:
Please call Mike at: (919) 363-8662 or Vinny at: (919) 522-4922

Chatham CBA Chapter Officers:
Mike - President
Bernie - Chapter Secretary
Bruce - Vice President
Roger - Treasurer
Ed - Master Sergeant at Arms

Miscellaneous Information:
See Pictures from some of our rides and events
See YouTube Videos from our rides and events
What is an MRO?
"Hey Man ... I just wanna ride!"

Safety Page
Secretary-Treasurers Handbook
Legislative Handout to help members understand the process
NC CBA Constitution
Robert's Rules of Order

State CBA Website
Find other CBA Chapters

Motorcycle Riders Foundation (Federal-level MRO)

Chatham CBA Business Card Template in PowerPoint format

Events and Rides:
See the home page of for upcoming Chatham CBA events.

See the State CBA web page for events organized by other CBA chapters.
See the NCRider events page for more events.

Businesses Who Support Us:
Virlie's Grill (Formerly The Scoreboard Grill), 58 Hillsboro St (15/501) Pittsboro 919 542-0376
You’ve Been Framed – Picture framing – Jack Goans 919 542-2622

Tommy Lee Edwards Illustrations – – 919 542 4299
Bruce Miles Construction (residential remodeling) – 919-542-1898

Country Hair Styling, 3850 US Highway 15 501 North, Pittsboro, NC 27312


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