A Biker's World

To most folks who see them, they are just an outlaw or rebel on a bike,
Someone they are afraid of getting to know much less like.

All they see is the outside, the leather coat, chaps, gloves, and a Du-Rag on their head.
Only knowing them for what they have heard, seen, or stories they have read.

But inside is just a person who likes to be alone and ride free,
Riding down the highway, feeling the wind, and enjoying everything they see.

What they feel on the inside is not much different than you and me,
They just want to be accepted for who they are and not for what someone thinks they ought to be.

They have been portrayed in movies and wrote about in lots of books,
Folks calling them names simply because of their looks.

But if you are traveling down the highway and find yourself in need,
Don't be surprised to see a biker pull up and ask if they can lend you a hand and do a good deed.

by Dean Downey-2002