More Information on NC BikePAC


While we all agree that grass-roots action is the purest form of lobbying, we also know that fair legislators deserve our campaign contributions when they give our legislation a fair look.


We are no longer just cool little bikers who show up to the legislature in leather. We are now backed by a PAC that can and will make campaign contributions to legislators who do not discriminate against our legislation just because we are motorcyclists.

For those riders who do not have the personal time to go to the legislative building and lobby in person, this is an avenue for you to be legislatively active without having to go downtown.

This PAC was created to facilitate NC's motorcyclists' number one priority - bikers' rights! It should be ahead of biker charities and ahead of non-biker charities.

Whether your chapter (group/club) decides to contribute to BikePAC or not, please consider becoming an individual member. If you decide to become an individual member, please fill in all the required information on the application. The member list will be public information and the office of the Secretary of State needs all the required information.

Please take an active role in protecting your riding lifestyle by becoming a member of North Carolina BikePAC.