What is NC BikePAC?



What is NC BikePAC?

NC BikePAC is a political action committee (PAC) created to help further the legislative goals of the motorcyclists of North Carolina. Most motorcycle rights organizationsí nonprofit tax status does not allow the organization to expend great amounts of its budget on lobbying activities, to make direct monetary donations to candidates or to write letters of endorsement for a particular candidate. A political action committee is allowed to participate in these activities. North Carolina BikePAC will assist motorcycle rights organization members and all interested motorcycle enthusiasts to educate and lobby government and the general public about motorcycling, the rights of motorcyclists, and the preservation of our American tradition of freedom.

Why do we need NC BikePAC?

Simply put, a political action committee is the most effective way to lend financial support to candidates who favor the legislative goals of a particular group, and who are willing to lend a helping hand to the organization. In recent years, election campaign costs have skyrocketed. It is time for the more than 130,000 registered motorcyclists in North Carolina to join in the growing trend to support legislators and candidates who will stand up for motorcycling. Doctors, lawyers, bankers, builders, realtors, teachers and many other professional and trade organization have formed PACs in North Carolina. Many of these groups employ a lobbyist, whose job is to sway legislators to vote in favor of laws that benefit the organization or business being represented.

MRO members come into contact with legislators and their staff members quite often, sometimes on a daily basis. The reasons for those contacts are varied. Primarily, there are discussions of legislation which can favorably or adversely affect motorcyclists. Getting a bill passed or defeated requires a monumental effort by those who are concerned with the particular issue it addresses. There are literally hundreds of bills introduced during each legislative session and only a few successfully reach the Governorís desk for signature. When the issue pertains to only a relatively small segment of the population, the task is even more difficult.

In order for our legislation to make its way through the House of Representatives and the Senate, we MUST participate fully in the process. First and foremost, the organization and its members must build a personal relationship with a majority of the legislators. In most cases, our legislation does not personally impact those who will vote on it. Therefore, we must provide legitimate reasons for a legislator to be interested in its passage.

In addition to providing a convincing argument for supporting an issue, we must also demonstrate our support of those legislators who choose to back our legislative issues. Although financial backing is not the most important way to do this, we are often asked to contribute by purchasing tickets to a variety of political fundraisers or making a direct donation to a campaign. It is imperative that we be able to support those who have demonstrated an interest in helping us solve our problems. One of the ways to do this is by helping in their fundraising efforts.

Who does NC BikePAC contribute to?

As the organizationís resources grow, NC BikePAC will contribute to candidates running for office in the State Senate and the State House of Representatives. NC BikePAC may also contribute to Gubernatorial candidates. NC BikePAC will not contribute to candidates for office at the federal and local government levels. We believe that the most effective way to protect motorcycling in North Carolina and to best utilize our resources is to contribute to the campaigns of pro-motorcycling candidates at the State Senate and House level. NC BikePAC will endeavor to employ a full-time lobbyist. Unlike many lobbyists who represent multiple clients at the State Capitol, the lobbyist for NC BikePAC will represent only one group Ė YOU! NC BikePAC will represent the interests of the motorcyclists of North Carolina and only the motorcyclists of North Carolina.

Why Support NC BikePAC?

Supporting NC BikePAC makes you an active participant in the political process that affects you directly. As resources grow, NC BikePAC will be able to contribute to candidates running for state level offices. By doing this we will show our support for those legislators who choose to support us. When tied to a fundraising event for a candidate, we gain another forum to discuss our views. Remember, the more support NC BikePAC gives to successful candidates, the more our voices will be heard in Raleigh.

Who can join NC BikePAC?

NC BikePAC is open to everyone interested in motorcycling. Individual riders, members of bikerís rights organizations, motorcycle clubs, dealership owners, manufacturers, after-market suppliers and shops and the general public at large. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

How can I join NC BikePAC?

Itís easy! Just fill in the handy membership form on the back of this brochure. You can either join NC BikePAC as a member or simply make a contribution. Mail the form to NC BikePAC. Make sure you complete the form. The reporting information is required by law and will not be used for any other purpose. Either way, by joining or contributing, you will be doing your part to keep North Carolina a great place to ride.

Unfortunately, due to North Carolina State law, we cannot accept contributions from businesses. All membership applications and donations must be paid in cash or personal check only. We suggest personal checks.

How do I know where my money goes?

North Carolina filing requirements for PACs are strictly regulated. All reports and financial information will be available for review on the State Board of Elections website. Any and all financial records are also available for review by contributors as well at the NC BikePAC office.