Be a Real Friend. Save a Life

Remember when we were able to stop at biker bars on poker runs and have a drink at every stop? I guess looking back now, we were lucky. Well, some of us were. The riders reading this article were lucky. The one's we buried were not lucky.

These days we have a choice. We can self-regulate our impaired riding, or we can leave it up to our government to regulate us. I don't know about you, but I just don't trust our elected officials to regulate us. I'd rather do we do it ourselves. That is our choice. Unfortunately, recent statistics show that 50% of fatally injured motorcycle riders have alcohol in their blood.

It's a fact. Alcohol affects our riding skills. Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream a few minutes after drinking it and it hits the brain a couple of minutes later. Drinking while taking certain medications can accelerate the alcohol's impact. We all know that the best situation is to not drink while riding. But if you do have a drink, be sure to understand that once you start, your ability to say "NO" or "NO MORE" is weaker.

Our relatives and friends all remind us that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. We all know we are taking a risk. Mixing alcohol and motorcycling is a risk we don't have to take. Don't be afraid to arrange a safe ride home for a brother or sister. You are better off risking a "friendship" than losing a "friend".

The motorcyclists rights organizations (MROs) in your state are actively campaigning to reduce the number of fatalities due to impaired riding. They know that unless we police ourselves, the government will enact additional laws that will restrict our riding freedoms. Please consider joining an MRO to help support this position.


Copyright 2005