Apathy or Ignorance?

By Hawk and Spotman of the Sons of Liberty Riders

Will apathy, ignorance or an overbearing government be the most difficult problem in the Motorcycle Rights Movement to overcome in the future? Apathy runs rampant in the Motorcycle Rights community… we all know that. And we also know that our overbearing government is still trying to legislate us out of existence.

Sure, we all work hard “for the cause” right? We lobby, we write letters, we go to meetings, we work hard at our events…but are we forgetting the uninformed? This may very well be our largest missed opportunity and it’s right there for the taking. We all spend time on runs, in bars, the bike shop and generally around folks who have a vested interest in bikes. YET more often than not they are uninformed (about the major issues that affect us all) and therefore uninvolved. We only managed to get 44 U.S. House Reps to sign onto the Shimkus/Strickland letter stating the MRF’s position on the impending EPA legislation. 10% - where was the other 90%? It’s no wonder we didn’t fare well in this battle. What will Bikers do when motorcycles are finally outlawed by the safety nazi’s? Most will give up and moth ball their motorcycles as art work or sell them to the highest bidder who will put them in a “collection”.

And some will never give in!

For approximately $50.00 per year you can make an impact on the future of motorcycling by joining your State MRO and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF). Not only do you give much-needed operating capitol but also the most important thing is you add yourself as a member to the membership roles.

Increasing membership roles could actually be more important than the money. You give the leaders of that organization the ability to lay claim to X number of members. The larger the membership, the more horsepower the organization has when it comes time to step on the gas in an attempt to make changes within government.

Why isn’t EVERY motorcyclist a member of a rights organization? Is it apathy within the Motorcycle Rights movement? Is it the fact that “we don’t have a helmet law” so why should I bother? Is it the fact that the little “clique” that runs the show wants all the power, doesn’t want any help or doesn’t want folks who might “rock the boat”? Is it the “I pay my dues, let the State Office take care of me” syndrome?

Or is it just plain ignorance? The fact that YOU don’t realize how important it is that EVERY biker not only spread the word about what is happening to our liberties, but how important is to bring others into the fold. Within the mix of added members you will find, strictly financial supporters who won’t do any work but the payoff will be the few, true Freedom Fighters who are awakened to the fight.

And while things might be nice and quiet on the legislative front within your state, how many of you actually realize that there are unelected, politically appointed entities within OUR federal government who answer to no one that are trying to outlaw our preferred mode of transportation.

That is why your membership, your participation in your State MRO and the MRF, your help in spreading the word of what is REALLY going on in your government, and your dedication to bring in EVERY biker is so desperately needed. If EVERY person reading this made a promise and a solemn oath to themselves to sign up just ONE new member to your SMRO and the MRF within the next 7 days – the size of the “Biker Rights Movement” would double. The treasuries would get a much-needed boost. And just maybe, the next hardcore leader that will force the movement to the next level will be found.

If we do nothing, we can all sing “Born to be Wild” around the campfire or at the bar while the safety nazi’s outlaw our motorcycles.

Bottom line…if we don’t get more members and more people involved – we WILL loose the war and we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves. Do we want to go down in history as the era that LOST the privilege to ride motorcycles? Do YOU want your grandchildren to say, “Yep, the grandparents used to ride these cool things called motorcycles…but they didn’t care enough about legislation and now it’s illegal to ride one?

Our grandkids ain’t gonna say that about us…they’ll be proud to know we were fighting to the death, standing in the halls of DC fighting for the rights we have left.