Just Five Lousy Bucks….   

If every one of the over 130,000 registered motorcyclists in the State of North Carolina alone would give just five lousy bucks to NC BikePAC, we would have nearly one half of a million dollars to do our legislative work. We could support our registered biker lobbyist who is willing to spend every moment the legislators are in session in Raleigh fighting for your rights and representing your concerns.

These days, time is a valuable commodity…

If you don’t have time to get actively involved, how about you give your five lousy bucks for the cause?

For the price of one or two beers at any event, you can participate in the very important motorcycle rights battle going on every day.

If you send your name and address along, we’ll send you a cool helmet sticker that says: “HEY, I gave my five lousy bucks” for your contribution. That way, when other bikers ask you what it is supposed to mean, you can just tell them!

Send contributions to:

PO Box 1554
Shallotte, NC 28470

Thank you for your support! If you are a member of NC BikePAC, a special thank you. Joining NC BikePAC demonstrates your willingness to put your money where your mouth is and it shows!.

Names and addresses will absolutely not be available to anyone for any other purpose.

Deb Knox
NC BikePAC Executive Director